Publications and External Presentations

Hugh Davis presented EdShare to a Dragon's Den event at the JISC Conference 2009.  Hugh's case was convincingly presented and resulted in all Dragons supporting the case to the requested funding level as well as winning the support (except for 3 or 4 exceptionally fierce dragons) of the entire audience in the parellel session of the conference.

Hey, Jessie M.N. (2009) Sharing begins at home: experiences facilitating more open institutional teaching with Edshare.  In, Teldap International Conference 2009, Taipei, Taiwan, 23 February - 27 February 2009. 2009 TELDAP International Conference

Hugh Davis and Debra Morris presented to the JISC Working Group covering our Institutional Exemplar Programme on Friday 5 December 2008.  We spoke to this presentation and explored a range of issues raised in discussion with the Group.

On 21 November, 2008, Debra Morris went to the JISC Search, Web 2.0 and Personalisation Projects meeting at Savoy Place, London and gave a 3 minute presentation to the other Projects represented at the event.

Morris, Debra and Hey, Jessie M.N.
(2008) EdShare: repositories for teaching and learning. In, Edinburgh Repository Fringe, Edinburgh, 31 July - 1 August 2008.

Morris, D., Hey, J.M.N., Davis, H.C., White, S.A., Carr, L.A., Miles-Board, T. and Francois, S. (2008) EdShare: towards sharing resources for learning and teaching at the University of Southampton. At, Open Repositories 2008 - 3rd International Conference on Open Repositories, Southampton, UK, 1-4 Apr 2008. Southampton, UK, .

OR2008 Poster April 2008.

A presentation to the other participants, the programme managers and evaluation consultants in the JISC Institutional Exemplars Programme, at Woburn House, London, 29 January 2008. The EdSpace project is creating the EdShare resource to enable sharing and collaboration in learning and teaching at the University of Southampton.
University of Southampton, School of Electronics and Computer Science

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