Principle Investigator: Dr. Hugh Davis


Tel: 023 8059 3669


Dr Les Carr (Director of EPrints Team)

Dr Andy Gravell  (brings the Educational Administrative Systems perspective)

Dr Su White (concerned with institutional change)

The Operational Team

Debra Morris (Project Manager). Debra is the University Library e-learning lead.  She is seconded 80% to ECS as Project Manager.

Jessie Hey (ECS and University Library). User engagement and advocacy with the education community.

Tim Miles-Board (Manager of EPrints Services - 20% secondment to the project)

Sebastien Francois (EPrints and ISS)

With assistance from members of the University E-learning Implementation Group and the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit (LATEU) - particularly Adam Warren and Fiona Grindey.

The Steering Group

Dr. Mark Brown (University Librarian)

Bob Price  (Learning and Teaching Support Services Manager, ISS)

Representative of Director of Student Services

Rosalynd Jowett (Chair of the e-Learning Implementation Group and Associate Dean MHLS)

VP Education Southampton University Students' Union

Andy Dyson (JISC Programme Manager)

University of Southampton, School of Electronics and Computer Science

Start date: 01/10/2007
End date: 30/04/2009
Funded by:

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